Conference Cancelled

Because of the global travel restrictions related to the Corona Virus there is no possibility for us to let this year's conference happen. Also the International Worker's Day in Lugansk won't take place, because of the virus. We are very sorry to inform you about that.

International Forum:
"Our strength is in unity!".

On May 2, 2020, the Federation of Trade Unions of the Lugansk People's Republic holds the International Forum "Our strength is in unity".

The territory of Ukraine became a battleground of the working class against the renewed Nazism. In 2014 an armed coup took place in Kiev, as a result of which neo-Nazi groups came to power, diligently nurtured with money of the American imperialists. In the country, such neo-Nazi organizations as Right Sector, White Hammer, OUN-UPA and others have been completely legalized, and they also adopted many external attributes of German fascism. Among all we can also include the torchlight procession with slogan of "Ukraine is above all". As well as black and red colors of flags, destruction of monuments of the Soviet era, demonstrative burning of "wrong" books and toughening of the law on the state language.

And these groups use terrorism to the population to strengthen their power. They are ready to intimidate anyone who somehow tries to object them. They, and the forces that support them, unleashed a civil war in Donbass, the number of victims of which has already exceeded 10 thousand people.

In order to cover up the obvious aggression against Donbass, mass hysteria over "Russian aggression" and "Russian occupation" was organized in Ukrainian and world media, just like 80 years ago, before the unleashing of World War II by fascist Germany. And on the basis of this hysteria, NATO began to draw armed groups to the state borders of the Russian Federation. In general, the position of Western states and individual politicians stimulating a state armed coup in Kiev is not just puzzling, but outrageous. If it were not for the double and sometimes even triple standards of Western countries, the clear guide of actions of the leaders of Maidan by the US Embassy in Ukraine, a coup in Kiev would simply be impossible.

Just as in the case of the tragedy of people in Yugoslavia, where nationalists and religious extremists have shed rivers of blood, and with regard to neo-Nazis of Ukraine, all these politicians are not only supportive, but they also encourage neo-Nazis’ actions in every possible way. And in the case of blatant lawlessness, they prefer simply not to notice anything. This, of course, can only give rise to impunity on the part of neo-Nazis.

As a result of direct aggression of the Kiev junta against Donbass, the economy of the industrial region was completely paralyzed. Thousands of workers were left unemployed. The economic blockade was purposefully introduced. In this way, the Nazis hoped to bring the working class of Donbas to despair. But our people had strength and courage to withstand in such a situation. For more than two years workers came to their workplaces not receiving wages, but did not give up.

We are especially outraged by the cowardly and completely feeble position of the leaders and bodies of all kinds of trade unions in Ukraine: "federations", "sectorial", "independent" and other organizations whose duty was precisely to protect the rights and interests of workers, the main of which are the rights to life and work. But in a critical situation, they all supported the position of official authority, and then betrayed the interests of labor collectives, which they must protect. They did not try to protest, appeal to the world public organizations, they did not draw attention to the obvious growth of the Nazi threat.

Even the building of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine, located on the Maidan, was officially used by the organizers of the future coup as their headquarter-office, under the official consent of the leadership of the trade unions. And at the first threat of seizure of this headquarter-office and its documents by "Berkut", the building was set on fire with people inside. In Luhansk region almost all the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions quit their jobs, left labor collectives behind, and ran away to stay in Kiev.

We want to tell the truth about the civil war in Donbass to all our colleagues from all over the world and to representatives of anti-fascist organizations. Nazism can be reborn in any country and the working class must be ready for it. Our strength is in unity! And we must be ready to confront this danger for the entire working class!

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