Before the 30th of April 2019 – Arrival in Russia and transfer to Donbass

The international participants have to arrive in Rostov-on-Don and get ready for transfer to Donbass before the 30th of April 2019. We are planning to transfer them at the morning of the 30th of April from Rostov-on-Don to Donbass please stay tuned for more information.

1st of May 2019 – International Workers' Demonstration and Concert

The delegations is participating together with the Trade Union of Lugansk People's Republic in the big May Day workers' rally to support the International Workers' Day and the struggle of Donbass workers against fascism and capitalist exploitation. The rally is going to take place in the capital Lugansk, Lugansk People's Republic.

2nd of May 2019 – International Anti-Fascist Conference «Our Strength in Unity»

The International Anti-Fascist Conference is taking this year place under the slogan «Our Strength in Unity». The Trade Union of Lugansk People's Republic (Федерация профсоюзов Луганской Народной Республики) and the government of Lugansk People's Republic are inviting guests from abroad to discuss with the workers of the Donbass about their struggle against fascism and exploitation by the ukrainian oligarchy, which takes place on the battlefield and in the factories.

The participants will be welcomed by official representatives of the Lugansk People's Republic. Afterwards participants will be allowed to hold speeches. Then working groups will be formed to discuss different topics, which you can also propose during your registration process.

3rd of May 2019 – Return to Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Participants are leaving Donbass to return to Russia and their home countries. For participants, who are coming from far away abroad we are trying to offer a special program, so that they can stay some days longer and get a more detailed insight into the People's Republic and its struggle of the workers and voluntary defenders. If you are interested, please mark the checkbox, that you are interested in a longer stay in the registration process. Our plans will depend on how many people are interested and what will be possible.

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