Anti-Fascism is more relevant than ever before

In the recent years the world has witnessed once again the rise of fascism and fascist groups all over the world. Western states' military attack on Libya, the arming of the pseudo-Islamic clerical fascist rebels in Syria and the fascist takeover in Ukraine were a series of events, which unleashed fascism all over the world.

NATO and EU imperialists use these fascist movements to impose their neo-liberal agenda over the peoples of sovereign nations. Growing economic pressure within the European Union is able to lead to the same events that happened already in Ukraine, Syria and Libya. The attacks on these states were only the beginning. The greater goal is to destroy and split up all remaining countries, which are not yet completely bowing to the neo-liberal agenda like Russia, Iran, North Korea and China.

The parallels between historical and contemporary fascism are undeniable. While the German Nazis disbanded the trade unions on the 2nd of May 1933, the Ukrainian nationalists burned the Trade Unions House of Odessa 81 years later on the same date, killing dozens of people in the flames. However, there has been growing resistance against this global spread of fascism. The people of Eastern Ukraine took up arms to fight against fascism in Ukraine. They founded the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and they are able to defend them, while in Syria the Syrian Arab Army was able to inflict heavy casualties on the fascist groups that are trying to destroy the Syrian state.

But the global struggle against fascism and imperialism does not end in these states, as fascism will also not stop there. We have to organize and coordinate the international antifascist movement in order to protect the world against these threats.

That is why we appeal to all progressive forces, who fight against fascism, Nazism, capitalism and imperialism to take part in the 4th International Anti-Fascist Conference in Novorossiya.

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